Under its corporate philosophy “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide,” the Otsuka group actively works to solve social issues through its businesses. The desire to be healthy is universal. Every day, the Otsuka group carries out activities to prevent and treat diseases and to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of people's health worldwide. The world continues to face a host of healthcare issues, such as the spread of infectious diseases, inadequate medical care facilities, and lack of effective therapies.
In aiming to solve these issues, we constantly ask ourselves if it is something that only Otsuka can do, and work to find solutions for unmet medical needs that the majority of other companies have yet to address.
Moreover, issues such as medical cost inflation mean that maintaining and improving health is now an issue that society as a whole, not just individuals, must face head on. In addition to undertaking initiatives that raise awareness of health among individuals, the Otsuka group contributes to initiatives for maintaining and improving health in society at large, including through collaboration with local communities.