Health and Productivity Management


Basic Policy

At the Otsuka group, we believe that maintaining workplaces that enable each employee to work in good health and spirits is vital for making our shared corporate philosophy a reality. This was also the thinking behind the declarations on health made by major Otsuka group companies.

Health and Productivity Management

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

We believe that the physical and mental health of every employee is essential for us to live up to our corporate philosophy. We will strive for a working environment that supports employees in maintaining and improving their health, enabling them to play active roles while fully demonstrating their abilities and individuality.

Tatsuo Higuchi
President and Representative Director, CEO
Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd
April 1, 2017

Promotion System for Health and Productivity Management

The mental and physical wellbeing of every employee is essential for the pursuit of the group's shared corporate philosophy. Therefore, Otsuka Holdings’ executive deputy president and director is in charge of health and productivity management, and under his supervision the Otsuka Pharmaceutical health insurance association, each group company’s health and productivity promotion manager, and specialist staff such as industrial physicians and nurses work collaboratively across the entire organization to help maintain and enhance the health of employees and their families. The Board of Directors also monitors issues related to maintaining and improving health as well as the goals and progress of health management initiatives.

Promotion System (Japan)

In addition, employees’ health-related information is integrated into the health management system* so that medical staff, health officers, and supervisors at all business sites can share information that is required at any time. Based on this information, the health of each group company is analyzed so that group initiatives can be formulated.

*A system for managing health information from regular medical examinations and interviews with employees by industrial health staff, etc.


Health Management Action Plan Goals and Progress

Health checkup rate 90% (2023 target)
Implementation of specified healthcare guidance 55% (2023 target)

Health checkup rate 80.0% (2021)
Implementation of specified healthcare guidance 72.8% (2021)

*Insured persons and their dependents who are members of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association (for Otsuka group companies in Japan)

Health Promotion Activities

Health Seminars: Ensuring the Good Health of Employees and their Families

Health Seminars

The Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association, medical staff, and supervisors at all business sites work together to promote employee health. One such activity that started in 2015 is hosting health seminars for group employees and their families. Held in major cities across Japan, these seminars are aimed at communicating the group's initiatives on health, introducing the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association, and disseminating information relevant to improving the health of employees and their families. The seminars consist of information that draws on knowledge gained in the group's businesses, and encourage employees and their families to reexamine their ideas about health.

Response to Female-Specific Health Issues

Within the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association, encompassing all companies in the Otsuka group in Japan, a system has been established to support women navigating the physical and emotional transitions experienced throughout the different stages of their lives. Beginning in 2022, we have engaged a gynecology industrial physician, and concurrently, established a dedicated consultation service. Further, a seminar addressing the theme of women's health and presenteeism targeting all employees had wide-spread participation: approximately 5,700 employees. In 2023, we will conduct a survey of female employees, using the insights we gained to further address health issues. In addition, all female employees under the age of 30 who wish to be checked for cervical cancer viruses can do so at no cost, leading to early detection and early treatment of cervical cancer.

Improving Health Literacy

Otsuka Pharmaceutical health insurance association launched a cafeteria plan in 2023, under which points are awarded for such things as getting health checkups or physical examinations, and participating in health seminars, and employees are free to select and use the points awarded as a benefit package. In addition, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is working with other group companies to create and distribute health articles, such as “Healthy Alcohol Drinking Habits,” to help employees and their families maintain and improve their health.

Group-wide Initiatives (Japan, 2022)

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association conducts an annual health promotion program for all Group employees.

No Initiatives Objective/Outline Number of times implemented/duration
1 Women’s online health seminar Held a seminar on women’s health as well as awareness and management of women’s health issues by a gynecology industrial physician Once
2 KENPOWALK Smartphone walk rally with pedometer app to develop healthy habits Three-month period
3 30-day oral care challenge Conduct jointly with Earth Corporation so that people can perform daily oral care correctly and effectively. 30-day period
4 Smoking cessation support program A medication-based program that provides a short-term smoking cessation experience. May 2023 to June 2023

Other Group Company Initiatives

Initiatives to Promote Exercise, including POCARI/fresh [Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Taiho Pharmaceutical]

Otsuka Pharmaceutical conducts 8-minute “refresh calisthenics” (POCARI/fresh) once a week with different exercises each time at offices and factories under the supervision of an instructor. These exercises changed to online only in fiscal 2020 so that employees working remotely could also take part in POCARI/fresh. Taiho Pharmaceutical introduced an exercise app company-wide with the aim of providing the opportunity to exercise and improve communications related to exercises, in this way supporting good exercise habits for individual needs. This company also holds company-wide inhouse sports days using the same exercise app.

Zero Smoking Rate Initiatives (Taiho Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Foods)

As a health-related company that has made oncology a core business area, Taiho Pharmaceutical previously set the goal of having zero employee smoking by 2023, and began, in 2020, new initiatives for reaching that goal. For example, we made systemic changes, such as subsidizing the cost of outpatient smoking cessation treatments and making nonsmoking a consideration when appointing people to management positions. We also provide information, such as company-wide sharing on the intranet of tips for successful ways to stop smoking from employees who were able to quit. As a result, the smoking rate dropped from 15% in June 2020 to 5.6% in May 2022. In addition, we provide useful information, such as sharing tips on the company intranet from employees who successfully “kicked” the habit. Otsuka Foods implemented other initiatives, including a stop-smoking support program (assisting with the cost) as well as closing indoor and outdoor smoking areas.

Offering a Wellness Program for Employees (Pharmavite)

As a company that provides nutritional products, Pharmavite, a supplement company in the U.S., offers employees a wellness program called PharmaFit. Nutritionists visit the company to provide nutrition-related information and consultations, and the company provides incentives for employees to participate in exercise programs.

From the Field for Total Healthcare

Virtual Run Project: POCARI SWEAT RUN
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Singapore has a virtual run project that can be participated in from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app, and employees in Japan have been participating since 2021. Among the employees who have participated, the number who habitually exercise increased from 59% to 87%, so the project is not only serving as an opportunity to create an exercise habit, but also promotes communication among group employees in Japan and overseas.

Mental Health Care Initiatives

We conduct stress tests once a year, as required by law. Also, Taiho Pharmaceutical’s detailed initiatives include individual interviews and emails by nurses and public health officials to all employees who have posted away from their families or who are experiencing high stress based on their stress test results.

Infection Control and Prevention of Health Hazards

The Otsuka group has adopted new work practices to ensure that employees can work safely during the new strain of influenza or other infectious diseases, including remote working (from home) and the shift to electronic documentation and approvals.

Work style innovation

Overtime Reduction Policy

The Otsuka group believes that reducing long work hours is critical to maintaining the physical and mental health of every employee. Guided by this policy, each operating company undertakes its own initiatives for shortened work hours following the laws and regulations of each country and region.

Initiatives to Reduce Overtime Hours

The Otsuka group is working to visualize overtime hours as part of the attendance system to reduce overtime hours. Initiatives designed to prevent long work hours include displaying on individual computer screens a warning regarding Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act and unregistered attendance. We have also introduced a system where personnel departments can check when individuals log on and off their computer to maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.
In order to reduce and shorten overtime, Otsuka Pharmaceutical requires employees to submit notifications before working overtime so that their supervisors can appropriately manage work hours. The company also mandates a minimum interval between shifts to foster an environment where employees can work in good health. Specifically, when an employee unavoidably works until late at night, a certain amount of rest time before the start of the next shift is guaranteed. In addition, at Otsuka Warehouse, the time that the last person leaves every head office department and branch office is posted on the intranet each day to make the work situation visible. The aim of this effort is to raise employees' awareness of productivity per hour. The company has also adopted a system to solve challenges in a company-wide effort rather than within each department alone.
In addition to the initiatives for its employees, Otsuka Warehouse have established a new truck reservation system to help solve the issues of long working hours for truck driver and the shortage of drivers and vehicles, which have become a challenge for the entire logistics industry. It is now possible to make online reservations for unloading times, in this way significantly reducing wait times for drivers and increasing the efficiency of transportation.

External Recognition

Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)
(large enterprise category)
Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization
(large enterprise category)
Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization
(SME category)
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  Description Company
Sports Yell Company Sports Yell Company
Program recognizing companies that actively support and promote measures to improve employees' health through sports. (Japan Sports Agency)
2023 selection: Otsuka Pharmaceutical (Bronze prize, selected for six consecutive years), Taiho Pharmaceutical (Selected for two consecutive years)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Model Company Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Model Company
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company certification program recognizes companies that implement quality initiatives to encourage and support employee participation in sports.
2022 selection: Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Note: Certified for eight consecutive years since 2015