Fair Employment and Working Conditions


Basic Policy

At the Otsuka group, all activities relating to employment, such as recruiting, staffing allocations, performance evaluations, promotions, and transfers, are carried out under a fair employment policy based on the Otsuka Group Global Code of Business Ethics, and in accordance with laws and regulations related to human rights and labor. We do not evaluate employees unfairly based on race, skin color, nationality, heritage, gender, gender identity, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, disability, or other attributes, but instead aim to empower every individual to realize their full potential by maintaining a fair, open, and equal workplace. We ensure that nobody is forced to work against their will by implementing self-assessments, interviews with employees, and an internal reporting system and also have committed to preventing child labor by confirming age during the hiring process. For compensation, we pay above the minimum wage prescribed by law in every country and region and set compensation at a fair level that references roles at the same level in each region. We promote equal pay for equal work. For example, in Japan, part-time workers are treated based on the Act on Improvement etc. of Employment Measures for Part-time and Fixed Term Workers to make sure there is no unreasonable disparity between full-time employees and regular as well as non-regular workers who work shorter hours when determining the nature of work and work reassignments.


Engagement with employees

Employee Representation System

The Otsuka group has introduced an employee representation system in where the opinions of employee representatives are sought when drafting and revising labor-management agreements and work regulations. At each workplace, employees either put their hand up as candidates or are recommended as representatives. These employee representatives are asked for their opinions on such matters as labor-management agreements and work regulations.

*Labor unions
Otsuka group employees in some regions are members of labor unions.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Otsuka group companies provide internal training on bullying and harassment for all employees, including managers. Further, Taiho Pharmaceutical conducts an annual survey on harassment for all employees and proactively work to prevent harassment through the creation of a system where harassment can be reported not only by someone experiencing harassment, but by anyone witnessing it. In addition, some group companies including Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Taiho Pharmaceutical conducts annual employee satisfaction surveys and share its results inside the company. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory holds interviews with employees as well as regular meetings of the Human Resources Department in order to raise engagement scores, and otherwise work to improve employee satisfaction.

Local Employment

As the Otsuka group expands business globally, we are promoting activities unique to Otsuka that respect local cultures and customs. For this reason, we believe it is important to strengthen local management, and our basic policy is to employ people from that country or region. In addition, we are committed to appointing people from the local area to important positions that drive the corporate management and business.