Basic Policy

Aiming to create a healthy future as a total healthcare company, the Otsuka group has established 2050 Environmental Vision, “Net Zero,” with the aim of reducing the total environmental impact across all its business activities to zero.
Based on this vision, we have determined the material issues in our environmental initiatives to be carbon neutrality, circular economy, and water neutrality. As global action aimed at a decarbonized society gathers speed, we have established a new set of medium-term targets with the aim of being more proactive in our own initiatives. We will promote activities to improve employees’ understanding and recognition of environmental issues through environment-related training, generate synergy among Otsuka group companies, and act from a unified standpoint.

2050 Environmental Vision of “Net-Zero” Zero environmental impact of all our business activities. We contribute to making people and the earth healthier.

Otsuka Group’s Environmental Policy

The Otsuka group strives to advance as an essential company that contributes to the health of people and global environment. We will help to realize a society in which people and the earth can coexist in the future by continuing to work on the issues with creativity.


  1. Carbon Neutrality
    We are committed to carbon neutrality throughout our business activities, aiming to create a decarbonized society.
  2. Circular Economy
    We are committed to the elimination of fossil resources-derived materials and the achievement of zero waste, aiming to create a circular economy society.
  3. Water Neutrality
    Promote sustainable use of water through conservation, recycling and clean return.
  4. Environmental Compliance
    Continue to improve our environmental management system, increase effectiveness of compliance, and reduce risks.
  5. Communication
    We will proactively disclose environment-related information in a transparent manner, and promote communication with stakeholders.

(Revised June 2022)

The Otsuka Group's Materiality (Material Issues) and Related SDGs

Materiality Social Issues Our Goals Our Activities Related SDGs
Carbon Neutrality1
  • Global warming
  • 2028 targets: Reduce 50% in CO2 emissions compared to 2017
  • Reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain
Circular Economy2
  • Environmental load increase
  • 2028 targets: Reduce 50% in simple incineration and landfill disposal compared to 2019
  • 2030 targets: 100% content of recycled and plant-based materials in our PET bottles
  • Reduce environmental impact by improving resource efficiency
  • Promotion of business activities aimed at sustainability for both society and the earth
Water Neutrality3
  • Reduced freshwater availability due to water resource risks
  • 2028 targets: Expand the plant water management program to all locations globally
  • 2028 targets: Develop a water use strategy for business locations in water-stressed areas
  • Understanding water resources risk
  • Management and effective use of water resources

1 Sustainable energy use, 2 Sustainable use of raw materials, 3 Sustainable use of water resources

Environmental Management System

As a global group that contributes to the health of people worldwide, the Otsuka group works sincerely to reduce the impact its businesses have on the global environment, and seeks to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society that protects nature and the future of the earth. Therefore, we have built a system of governance.
The Otsuka group’s environmental policies and initiatives are discussed and determined by the Otsuka Holdings Environmental Committee, which consists of the directors of Otsuka Holdings and the persons in charge of environmental management in our group companies. Matters on the direction of the entire Otsuka group will be discussed and approved by the Otsuka Holdings Board of Directors, and will be shared with group companies as the Otsuka group’s policy. Then, they will be implemented as an implementation scheme of the Otsuka Group Global Environmental Council (hereafter referred to as “OGG Environmental Council”), which consists of directors from the production departments of group companies and persons in charge of environmental management. The OGG Environmental Council assesses the risks and opportunities examined and reports the results of monitoring. The Otsuka Holdings Environmental Committee gives instructions for improvement and approves planning. In addition, if the monitoring results have an impact on business strategy and management resources, they will be incorporated into the management plan as matters to be resolved at the Board of Directors as needed.
The Committee is positioned as a subordinate organization of the Otsuka Group Sustainability Promotion Committee, which decides overall sustainability strategies and directions, and plays a role as one of the group’s sustainability initiatives.

Otsuka Group Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Acquisition of Integrated ISO 14001 Certification for the Otsuka Group

The Otsuka group’s first ISO14001 certification was acquired in 1999.1 Since then, we have worked to acquire certification for the manufacturing sites of each group company, and promoted activities to achieve the environmental goals set by each company.2 With the increasing severity of environmental issues in recent years, companies are being called upon to contribute to the resolution of such issues. To strengthen group-wide efforts toward more efficient and effective environmental activities, the Otsuka group’s seven of major companies in Japan3 and Otsuka Holdings as the supervising organization acquired ISO 14001 integrated certification in December 2022. Under the integrated environmental goals and management systems outlined in the certification, we will further strengthen our environmental initiatives and make group-wide efforts to achieve the goals.

  • 1:Acquired at Tokushima Factory of Otsuka Chemical (present Tokushima Factory of Otsuka Chemical and Tokushima Factory of Otsuka Foods)
  • 2:Acquired certification at 9 companies in Japan and 11 overseas (As of December 2021)
  • 3:Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Taiho Pharmaceutical (including its subsidiary, Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical), Otsuka Chemical, Otsuka Foods, Otsuka Techno, and EN Otsuka Pharmaceutical