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Basic Policy

Legal compliance forms the cornerstone of all our business activities. The Otsuka group possesses high ethical standards and we aim to achieve sustained growth along with earning the trust of our customers by conducting our business activities honestly.


The Otsuka group has established Otsuka Group Global Code of Business Ethics and we openly publish information about our stance on initiatives in line with this code on our website in the form of a message from the President of Otsuka Holdings. We have also drawn up the Otsuka Group Global Anti-Corruption Policy, which represents our stance on preventing corruption at all of our sites worldwide. Accordingly, we continue to conduct our business activities based on a strong sense of ethics. We hold universal training sessions once or more every year based on the content of the aforementioned code and policy—they are attended by all employees of subsidiaries and we prepare materials in English, Chinese, and Indonesian, in addition to Japanese. Furthermore, details about our training sessions are reported regularly to the Board of Directors of Otsuka Holdings. Internal compliance-related audits are implemented periodically at each group company, the results of which are reported to the Board of Directors. As for initiatives overseas, compliance officers have been appointed at each of our group companies in Asia and regular meetings are held so the progress of initiatives in each country can be shared. A compliance officer from Otsuka Holdings also visits our overseas group companies to gather information and offer suggestions on how improvements may be made. A due diligence policy is also in force at each of our group companies. We conduct due diligence on new business partners for the purpose of assessing risk related to corruption. And at Otsuka Holdings and our leading group companies, we have taken steps to establish internal whistleblowing systems that can be accessed from within the company or from an external location, such as the offices of our attorneys. Our rules allow for whistleblowing not only by full-time employees but also by contract, dispatched, and part-time employees, all of whom can rest assured knowing that information about themselves and their reports are strictly managed to prevent any negative repercussions. Information related to the internal whistleblowing systems at the major group companies is reported regularly at the Board of Directors meetings of Otsuka Holdings.

Tax Policy in Otsuka Group

Basic Policy and Position

The Otsuka group operates around the world and recognizes that the appropriate payment of taxes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in each country and region contributes to the local economy in those countries and regions. The Otsuka group fulfills its tax obligations in accordance with the Otsuka Group Global Code of Business Ethics.

Approach to Tax

Tax compliance

The Otsuka group complies with the above-mentioned Code, tax policies, country-specific laws, tax conventions, and international taxation rules, submitting tax declarations correctly, paying corporate tax, and not engaging in transactions designed to evade the payment of taxes.

Relationship with tax authorities

The Otsuka group endeavors to appropriately disclose information in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country and ensure a degree of transparency and trust when dealing with tax authorities worldwide.

Transfer pricing

Based on the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and transfer pricing rules in each relevant country, the Otsuka group determines the transfer pricing and ensure appropriateness of inter-company transactions in our group. When necessary, the Otsuka group applies for bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) to obtain prior agreements from tax authorities.