Disclosure Policies


Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Otsuka”) provides timely and adequate information to shareholders and investors based on the principles of transparency, fairness, and continuity. In addition to providing information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), and Otsuka's internal administrative guidelines, Otsuka proactively provides information that it believes will be useful in understanding its performance and operations.

1. Methods of Disclosure

Material information applicable to the TSE's Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed by registering such information with the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) operated by the TSE, after providing an explanation of such information in advance to the TSE. After registration with TDnet, such information will be provided promptly to media outlets, and posted on Otsuka's website without delay.

2. Items Related to Forward-Looking Statements

Items posted on Otsuka's website that are not related to actual past or current facts are forward-looking statements, which are made based on judgments and assumptions using the information available at the time the respective statement is made. Actual results may therefore materially differ as a result of various risks, uncertainties, and economic circumstances.

3. Quiet Period

To ensure fairness and prevent leaks of information regarding financial results, Otsuka maintains a “quiet period” starting on the day following the end of each quarter up to the day of the announcement of the respective quarterly results. During this period, Otsuka refrains from answering any questions and making any comments related to financial information. However, if a significant change to our previously announced financial results forecast occurs during the quiet period, that information will be released in accordance with the TSE's Timely Disclosure Rules. During the quiet period, Otsuka still responds to questions related to previously released information and requests for interviews with regard and limited to Otsuka's management plans and topics other than financial results information.

4. Prevention of Insider Trading

Otsuka established the Insider Trading Management Rules, which provide for the management of material information of our company, its subsidiaries and other companies, as well as general conditions regarding the of share certificates, etc. We strive to prevent insider trading by strictly controlling material information and related persons and conducting training on regular insider trading regulatory.

5. About Product Information

This website contains product information on pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including compounds under development, functional beverages, functional foods, nutritional supplements, etc., however they are not intended for advertisement or medical advice at all.